Heaven Just Got A Little More Bernie Mac And Isaac Hayes

We’re not confused about our role in the world. We recognize that no one is waiting for the definitive Videogum obituary by which the families of the deceased can finally find closure, safe in the knowledge that their loved ones’ accomplishments have been properly recognized and celebrated in the world. We also recognize that maybe we need to be better at this blogging thing (although that’s like getting better at sadness) and start sticking closer to the news cycle every once in awhile. When it really counts. In any case, as late as this post may be, surely we can take a moment out of our busy Monday morning catching up on the weekend’s trampoline accidents to bow our blogs in respect.

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R.I.P. Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes (and BE CAREFUL, Samuel L. Jackson). You will be so missed. You’re up in heaven now, beating the angels until the white meat shows and singing songs to baby angels about the menstrual cycle.

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