Children Recreate The Darndest Trailers

This Dark Knight trailer spoof is like when those children did that shot-for-shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark, except it didn’t take seven years to make and will probably never get a midnight screening at Anthology Film Archives. But on the plus side, it’s great.

(via Aziz Is Bored)

The Dark Knight remains the number one movie in the country this week despite some speculation that Pineapple Express could smoke it out of its hole this weekend. Speculate in one hand and collect 11 dollars per movie ticket in the other and see which one fills up with tons of dollars first. The Dark Knight is now the third highest grossing movie of all time after Titanic and the first Star Wars movie. Business talk! Don’t you just love hearing about all the millions of dollars some company is making and how another company wanted to make millions of dollars, and they did, but maybe they didn’t make as many millions of dollars as they thought they were going to make (aww) and so the first company still made more millions of dollars? I love it because it makes my apartment feel smaller.