Snoop Dogg Sails His Weed Fueled Boat Of Musical Laziness To Bollywood

Snoop Dogg recorded the title track for a Bollywood comedy called Singh is Kinng, and here is the music video.

I haven’t seen a ton of Bollywood movies, but what I have seen has been great. There was the three hour epic love story, Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai, and the unforgettable scene playing on a TV at Five Star Punjabi in Long Island City in which a man led a large group in a choreographed dance through the streets but paused momentarily to open the trunk of his car, which was filled with ice and bottles of champagne. Cars in India are so crazy! But I will say this, never have I been watching a Bollywood musical and thought, “You know what this needs? More Snoop.” This is the first time that an American musician has performed on the title track to one of India’s beloved films and they pick the Weed Clown. A rare miss, India. I say India and not the filmmaker in charge of making these decisions because that’s a thoughtful and respectful way to be dismissive of an entire culture.