SnickersGate: Mr. T Pities Himself

Now that the offensive Snickers ad in which Mr. T shoots an alleged gay with a gatling gun from the back of a pickup truck has been pulled from circulation, it’s time for the former wrestler, member of the A-Team, and breakfast cereal mogul to clear his good name of these homophobia charges. By reading a letter on the O’Reilly Factor (via Defamer).

I love that the letter is addressed to Bill throughout. In case you thought he was using the show as a platform to spread the message of his letter to anyone who was concerned or upset by the advertisement, no. The letter is for Bill, and for Bill only. I also love that his defense against charges of homophobia is a litany of examples of things that people didn’t complain about in 1985. Because 1985 was an era of incredible tolerance towards the homosexual community, especially among Wrestlemania and A-Team fans. Although the argument that speed walking is an Olympic sport is pretty solid. It totally explains why you should shoot a speedwalker with a candy gatling gun and tell him that he’s “a disgrace to the man race”. Because of the Olympics. What?