Alec Baldwin Just Wants To Sing And Dance

Choire Sicha interviewed Alec Baldwin in the LA Times, and got some good quotes out of the ol bloviator. Alec just says whatever he wants and doesn’t care.

“A man turns 50 and he has a funeral for the skills that he never had,” he said. Baldwin just had that birthday in April. “He says goodbye. I’m never gonna be a cop, never gonna be a professional baseball player, never going to play the piano, a ballet dancer, the leading rusher in the NFL. All those things gone.

The people who can sing are the ones that move me the most. I would give anything if I could sing. I’d never do anything but that again. I’d do a show on Broadway every year and no more ditzy sitcoms.

The fact that we have a smart show with nothing that caustic or harsh is a miracle. To talk about what I want to do to Condoleezza Rice sexually without saying something really, really anatomical — that takes a lot of doing.”

Choire put up an audio outtake from the interview in which Alec talks about New York politics, which is like Alec reading from the phone book: awesome. I will probably even buy his book about fatherhood or whatever. Since Alec is in the market for a new gig, here are three suggestions:

1. Adorably Self Absorbed Late Night Talk Show Host
2. Adorably Self Absorbed Morning Talk Show Host
3. Adorably Self Absorbed Morning Zoo DJ