Videogum’s Very Low-Grade Olympic Fever

The summer Olympics start tomorrow! I don’t care, and I just checked with Gabe and he doesn’t care either. (Actually, Gabe flew into a rage because the two sports he wants to watch are only streaming at 6 am or something, so I didn’t press for details.) But we cover TV and the Olympics are a thing that will be on TV instead of other things we would normally cover, so here’s the deal: if we find out about anything FUNNY happening at the Olympics, we will do everything in our power to show it to you. And if you watch the Olympics, which plenty of cool people do, just not us, and you see anything, as America’s Funniest Videos says, “funny or amazing,” please don’t hesitate to send it to us. So: the Olympics: if you see something, say something. Otherwise, until they make ill-advised trampoline tricks an Olympic sport, we’ll be watching bad reality TV instead.