Operation Watch This: Spine Chillers

Spine Chillers was a short-lived BBC show that aired in 2003. But in England they don’t call them “shows” they call them “lorries.” Anyway, this lorry is a mystery. It doesn’t have an entry on wikipedia (i.e. it doesn’t exist), and the information on IMDB is piecemeal. There are a couple of short clips dispersed throughout the internet, and from what I can gather, each episode told a stand-alone story with its own cast and is regularly billed as a “comedy drama” whatever that means. In any case, no one seems to know exactly what Spine Chillers is or was because it’s somehow the only thing that has slipped through the internet’s fingers.

But we do know one thing for certain. One episode of Spine Chillers, “Goths,” about a pair of goths who are house hunting, stars Mackenzie Crook, better known as Gareth from The Office (UK), is hilarious, and is available in its entirety after the jump. Hooray, we win.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Here’s a question: how long do you think it will be before making fun of goths stops being funny? My guess is one billion years. Like, maybe when we’ve all become telepathic mole people who live underground in fear of the Robos who dominate the surface strip-mining for laser-cannon fuel. Maybe then. Maybe.