Say It Isn’t So, Bob Odenkirk And David Cross!

Last night in a post titled “Will There Be A Bob And David Show Ever Again?” Bob Odenkirk took to his blog on to deliver a blow to his legion of comedy nerd fans who were hoping against hope that Bob and David’s new pilot, David’s Situation, would be picked up by HBO and become a gigantic hit. After a paragraph about how great the show was, Bob delivers the blow:

HOWEVER…we (David and I) upon making the final edit and reviewing it…lost interest in the overall concept. The show was a strange hybrid with a “sit-com” base. We used the actual set from “Everybody Loves Raymond”. The sitcom framework really felt like a drag on our energy and sensibility. This was fairly obvious to us and not as disappointing as it might sound because the whole experience energized us to create something new and more better.

While this is sad for those of us who want to see a Bob and David show sooner rather than later, it sounds like we could have dodged a Lucky Louie bullet with this one.