The Ultimate Argument Settler: The Top 8 Fan Made Sims TV Intros

Last week while researching a blog post about Little House On The Prairie (oops, I start sentences that way), I happened upon the phenomenon of fan-created Sims versions of TV show intros. And like Gabe’s discovery of fan-created Sims versions of music videos, it was awesome. The limits of Sims technology (and fan skill) make the credits only moderately recognizable, and everyone seems to be always dancing or not knowing what to do with their hands. Bearing in mind that the word “Best” in this case means “Most Entertaining/Funny”, and not “Technically Proficient Or Amazingly Accurate,” here are the Top 8 Best Fan Made Sims TV Intros Of All Time So Far.

8. Super Nanny: little Sims kids throwing fits:

7. Gossip Girl: heavy breathing:

6. The Suite Life Zack and Cody: I’ve never watched this show, but this intro still made me laugh:

5. Family Matters:

4. Little House on the Prairie: I like how they don’t know how to make Carrie fall, so instead she sits down for a second and then gets back up again:

3. The Cosby Show:

2. Friends:

1. The Simpsons, en espanol. Surreal, bizarre, hilarious. I guess there are no grocery stores or saxophones in Sims: