Snickers Is An Asshole

This funtimes mash-up is called “Saving Private Snickers,” and it satisfies! (Sorry.)

(via GorillaMask)

Snickers, of course, got in some trouble a couple of weeks ago when they made an ad depicting Mr. T shooting an alleged homosexual with a candy gatling gun and telling him to be a man. Snickers pulled the ad, deciding that perhaps aligning your product with homophobic candy assault is crazy stupid. (Not to mention weird. What’s the demographic they’re appealing to? Dudes who hate gays so much, but love a delicious combination of caramel and chocolate?) So it’s kind of funny that this video was put online back in February. It’s like somehow the guy who made it just knew that Snickers was an asshole.

I still think they should replace Mr. T with Werner Herzog.

That is how you sell candy to men. I’m like Don Fucking Draper over here.