The 2008 Election Is Now A Choice Between The Lesser Of Two Unfunny Evils

On last night’s episode of Last Comic Standing, the show that makes doing a Hunt for the Worst Show of All Time egregiously unecessary, something outrageous and unbelievable happened. No, no one told a funny joke. (God, that show is the fucking worst. It’s like SuperAIDS, but instead of attacking your t-cells it goes after your eyes and brain and instead of killing you it makes you kill yourself.) On last night’s episode, our nation’s Republican and Democratic presidential candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama, appeared with short, “comedic” appeals to voters. WAIT. WHUUUUUUUUUT? A program that barely even deserved having Jay Mohr as a host, and Jay Mohr is the worst, has somehow become an important stop on the campaign trail? Like, you can’t win an election without getting the coveted Last Comic Standing viewer vote? Someone please hit the big red button that sinks America straight to the bottom of Whoops Ocean, because we are done. It’s China’s turn now.

After the jump, the two saddest campaign ads ever.

John McCain

Barack Obama

I tried to show these to my friend Max Silvestri, but he refused to watch them, saying only “I hope they’re both concession speeches.” Well hope in one hand and don’t vote in the other and see which one fills up with these two idiots debased the dignity of the Presidential office forever first.