All Bret Easton Ellis Movies Basically Suck

This is a trailer for The Informers, based on the collection of short stories by Bret Easton Ellis.

I like Bret Easton Ellis. I think that American Psycho will eventually be considered a classic work of American literature. Srsly. But he doesn’t seem to translate very well to film. The Rules of Attraction was an utter disaster, and the adaptations of both Less Than Zero and American Psycho are OK, but people give them more credit than they deserve because of how badly people want them to succeed. This one, though, looks like a whole new era of Bad Easton Ellis! (Now we’re bloggin’.) Maybe the reason his work doesn’t carry over, despite the sparse, cinematic style of his writing, is because at its core, Ellis’s work is always walking a razor-thin edge between cool metaphorical irony and insane retardation. Maybe that’s why the filmmaker here seems to have abandoned all of the vampire nonsense (LeStat with a popped collar and a pocket of GHB, basically) from the original The Informers. Well, it wasn’t enough.

Also, RIP Brad Renfro, guys.