Who Is TV’s Lowest Paid Star?

There is some e-groaning today after TV Guide released a list of television’s highest paid talent, with Charlie Sheen coming in at #1 with his $800,000 per episode Two and a Half Men salary. That might seem like a lot, until you realize that by law he is entitled to all of the assets of anyone who kills themselves while watching his show. His paid salary is actually 50 dollars and he gets to take home bagels from Craft Services at the end of each shoot.

But are we really that surprised? Do you know how expensive it is to maintain a child pornography addiction? Where was he getting the money for that? Hot Shots Part Deux! residuals? Besides, your mom loves Two and a Half Men, and do you know how many your moms there are in this country? Like a billion.

What I want to know is who is TV’s lowest paid star?

The qualifications for being TV’s lowest paid star is that you have to be on a major network, and you have to be an actor, rather than a host. That’s it. Who is it? Oh, it’s going to be so embarrassing for them when we all find out (which is going to happen). Probably not as embarrassing as, you know, every other moment of their “less than” lives, but still very very embarrassing.

My guess is that it’s either a supporting character from Chuck, or the entire cast of Bones’s salaries put together.