Paul F. Tompkins Would Like To Not Sell You This Stupid Computer

If you have a high-powered business job that demands you’re constantly closing deals, like this freelance firefighter, then you don’t want the 3G iPhone. You want a 10 pound device about the size of a meatloaf that runs on DDD batteries and requires two hands to operate.

According to comedy message board apsecialthing, this is actually an ad for the Samsung Q1, which is hilarious because no it’s not. I mean, it is. Samsung paid Bob Odenkirk to make it. But in terms of getting the message about your product out there, this is one inside joke away from the amazing Zach Galifianakis Absolut ads, which were as ineffective as they were funny (very very funny), and at least with those I was still pretty into alcohol afterward. Unlike this experiment in viral FAILketing, which seems to very clearly recognize that there is nothing mobile or useful about a 37-pound Atari Lynx. I heard that in Terminator: Salvation, Christian Bale has to fight a Samsung Q1 and the movie’s cliffhanger is that you’re pretty sure he loses.

A rare miss, Samsung. More Samsung rare misses directed by Bob Odenkirk here.