SPOILER ALERT: Baby Aaron On Lost Is So Many Babies

SPOILER ALERT: Baby Aaron On Lost Is So Many Babies

Well, we still don’t know what the smoke monster is, how you can move the island, where the polar bears come from, or why Jack thinks Kate is attractive, but we’ve finally solved one Lost mystery that we didn’t even know was a mystery: How many babies played the role of Claire’s son Aaron on season 4, were most of them girls, and did their parents bring them all together for a picnic? Answer Key: 13, yes, yes. From the Honolulu Advertiser:

Thus, 13 girls and three boys who all played the role of Aaron on Season 4 of the popular series “Lost” ate, laughed, cried, frolicked, and did all the things babies are known to do. In this case, they each fit a remarkably similar bill — round-headed, blond-haired cuties clad in black “Baby Aaron” T-shirts.

But although Aaron is a boy, most of those who have portrayed him have been of the gentle persuasion.

“Females tend to have the rounder face and they don’t age as quickly,” said Julie Carlson, the “Lost” extras casting director who has rounded up a total of 76 different babies to play Aaron on the series since the show’s second season. “Plus, the boys squirm more.”

76 babies seems like so many babies. Do they just throw them in the garbage after every take?

Well, that’s cute. Look at all those babies whose parents don’t care about their normative development. One mom saw a casting call for babies Aaron when her baby was just four weeks old and her and her husband decided they should check it out. Perfect. Four weeks is just enough time to get used to being alive and then it’s time to work.

One part of the article was a little disturbing, though.

“Everybody switch,” quipped Patrice Scott, a “Lost” nurse, during the group shot. “Pick the baby you really want!”

Most offspring wound up with their original parents.

Most offspring? MOST? “Honey, go get that other baby. The one in the tiara chewing on an iPhone. That baby is a star. Fuck our stupid baby.” What a bunch of Shannons.

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