“Evil Mr. Rogers” Might Be Why An Entire Generation Is Afraid Of Clowns

When I was a kid I wouldn’t change clothes in front of the TV when Mr. Rogers was on, because I believed Mr. Rogers could actually see me. It was this huge inside joke in my family, and the first thing I remember being made fun of for. Turns out, everyone has that exact same story and I’m not a special snowflake, but anyway, lots of people are afraid of clowns when they should actually be bored by clowns. Maybe this clip of Mr. Rogers as an evil clown, the scariest parts of which are actually real, explains why:

Fred Rogers was a wonderful man, and would hopefully be amused by that video (via Uniquedaily). He was just trying to teach us that even when he puts a mask on he’s still the same person so we wouldn’t get scared when Mommy got a haircut. Jeez.