I Keep Getting Older, And The Entourage Stays The Same Age

Entourage is returning for its 5th season on September 7th. Here is a teaser trailer.

Actually, that’s not a teaser trailer, that’s the whole first episode. I can’t speak too critically of the show because I stopped watching after season 2 when I didn’t have cable for awhile. The last episode I remember watching was when Johnny Drama got PUNK’D into fighting Chuck Lidell. But it’s good to see that you can miss two full seasons and it’s still going to be a half hour music video punctuated by moments of Adrian Grenier thinking the champagne’s not as cold as it was in Brooklyn, E and Ari trading their fast-talking wisecracks over speakerphone, and Turtle and Drama fighting over the last scraps of their dignity, all wrapped up in a shiny bow of crass consumerism. Oh, and Lloyd is so gay, you guys.

In Entourage’s defense, I do actually like this show, or I liked the seasons I saw, in the way that I like flipping through a magazine, or staring into the middle distance. And I know it’s not particularly new or original to complain that it’s treading water, or that it’s one of our emptiest entertainments. But that’s just like how Entourage is not particularly new or original anymore! Zing it out, bitch.