Roads? Where Ruby Tuesday Is Going They Don’t Need Roads.

This ad for Ruby Tuesday kept playing on TV last night.

Wait, whuuuuuuuut? I went to the Ruby Tuesday website, and it’s got an illustration of a bomb and a countdown clock. At 3PM today they are going to demolish a family style restaurant somewhere, probably via explosion. Whoa. Someone in business has finally figured out how the internet works. I’m surprised it was a second-rate Chili’s, which is itself a second rate Bennigan’s, which is itself a second-rate Applebee’s, making Ruby Tuesday a sixth-rate restaurant (it’s called math, and I’m the best person at it). But whatever, they’re coming with us into the future. We’re still going to be eating Thai Phoon Tenders and Sonora Chicken Pasta on our space catamarans when the only way to get to Applebee’s is by pressurized submersible.

3PM today, you guys. Mark it in your iCal. Just put down something like “the end of civilization, 3PM,” or “3PM, watch a restaurant get blown up on the internet, 4PM, clean gun.”