Insane 20/20 Report About A Young Woman Killed By Police Negligence

Sorry to be SeriousGum, but this 20/20 story is so incredibly messed up and the most astonishing thing I’ve seen on TV this week: Two months ago, a 23 year old in Tallahassee, Florida named Rachel Hoffman was arrested for possession of marijuana and offered a deal by the Tallahassee police: all charges would be dropped if Rachel went on a sting operation and met up with two (completely unrelated and unknown to her) drug dealers to buy a gun and a shit ton of ecstasy. Facing up to four years in jail, Rachel agreed, but the police bungled the entire thing and LOST TRACK OF HER during the sting, and the drug dealers promptly murdered her with the gun the police had set her up to buy. And the police are actually trying to defend their actions. Tallahassee is my hometown, but I don’t think that’s why this story shocked me. The full video (15 min) is here.