This Is How The Sausage Is Elected

Here’s a video (via BuzzFeed) that carefully explains, using simple words and paper cut-outs, just how the electoral system works. It’s pretty routine stuff if you’re a politician, but I figured since most of our audience was 12-year-old girls, it would be useful information. That way, when it’s time for you to cast your vote for President Bon Jovi (this joke works because he’s popular with tweens, right?) in 2020, you’ll know what’s what.

The electoral college system is out-of-date, designed for a much smaller population, and rife with error-prone flaws, but it’s admittedly way more complicated and logical and systematized than what I thought happened, which was that my vote was removed from the ballot box and carried on a gold platter to an old man wearing a tuxedo with tails and a tophat who examined my vote through his monacle, and depending on which candidate I chose he either shouted “HEAH HEAH,” or “I DO SAY.” You know, voting.