The Today Show Finds Those Lion Guys, Who Are Old Now

I know this is the second Today Show post on Videogum today, and Gabe will not accept my suggestion that we just make the site only about The Today Show, but everyone keeps sending me this video where Meredith Vieira interviews John Rendall and Ace Bourke, the former owners of Christian the Lion, and I have to share it just in case anyone missed it:

It’s funny how Meredith keeps talking about the lion’s “wife” as if there was a lion wedding ceremony or a lion judge who signed a lion marriage certificate. But more important: I just realized that the lion video doesn’t do anything for me anymore! I’ve seen it too many times. I feel…nothing. I need something stronger, even more heartwarming, now, to do the same thing the lion video did just a few weeks ago. Hopefully, the internet will provide a dramatic kitten nursed by a puppy with only one leg before it’s too late.