Bill Maher Is Just Going Door-To-Door Making Fun Of People’s Religion

Why anyone thought sending Bill Maher to a burqua store to ridicule its owner to his face while making pathetic hacky jokes would somehow enlighten anyone about organized religion’s excess of power is beyond me. Why did the makers of his new film Religulous think this particular clip would make people want to see the movie? We get it: Bill Maher is a mean bully with bad jokes and a huge chip on his shoulder:

(Via FilmDrunk.) I’m not even disappointed in Bill Maher. I’m disappointed in director Larry Charles. Were there no curious, thoughtful people out there willing to explore this subject without cheap mockery and (ironic) blatant self-righteousness? Bill Maher is like the Jimmy Jerry Falwell (Ha! Freudian typo) of the non-religious.