Raising Awareness About The Environment One Egomaniac At A Time

I saw this preview for Planet Green’s Battleground Earth: Ludacris vs. Tommy Lee before the Dark Knight (jealous?), and it made me LOLOLOLOL. Mostly just the part where SPOILER ALERT Ludacris tells an old lady “I’m here to save planet Earth, and I want to replace your shower with a very eco-friendly shower.”

There’s an article in the New York Daily News today to publicize the show, and you might be surprised to discover (you will not be surprised to discover) that executive producer Leslie Greif doesn’t actually give a shit about the planet.

“You know the expression, ‘Save water, shower with a friend?’ [editor’s note: nope.] Well, we built the largest group shower in the world,” said [executive producer Leslie] Greif. “On top of Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, we had about a thousand people out there and we set a Guinness World Record.”

“Yeah, you know that expression ‘save the planet, get herpes at a roof party?'” That’s what I call saving the planet AND having fun (BARF).

The ultimate winner of the competition will headline the show’s two-hour concert finale at L.A.’s legendary Greek Theatre. Greif said the point of “Battleground Earth” is pure entertainment, not to preach to people about being green.

“If by entertaining we’re making people aware, and if you happen to get some knowledge along the way, we feel like we win,” Greif said.

That is mostly fair, I guess, except that the show is called Planet Green’s Battleground Earth. Kind of militant. You should probably either own the mission statement, or change the name to Planet Entertainment’s Battlefield Fun (BARF).

“They’re buying hybrids, Tommy is converting his lawn, Luda is making changes in his home, they’re making an effort,” said Greif. “But what I appreciate about what they’re doing is that they’re doing it in a realistic sense. They’re not saying they’re like a born-again green person, they recognize the small changes they can make in their lives and they’re doing that.

“What I like about Tommy Lee and Luda is that they’re making an effort, but they’re not making A LOT of effort. I hate when people, especially wealthy people with a lot of influence, try to really make a difference. Take it easy, guys, hahahhah.”

I would like to state for the record that despite the fact that executive producer Leslie Greif is a creep, I support this show in the same way that I supported Oprah’s Big Give. Yes, it’s mostly a publicity stunt for the show’s two figureheads, and no, its “helpful” intentions are not always properly realized, but most reality shows don’t have any “helpful” intentions, so let’s take them where we can get them. On Animal Planet, or whatever. I don’t even know what channel this is on. Satellite radio?