Finally, A Show About Assholes And Cocaine

Showtime is developing a series about Studio 54, and Bryan Singer might direct the pilot episode. He’s going to bring that Superman Returns magic (what’s the opposite of magic? Is it this?) to the era of 1970s indulgence. From the Hollywood Reporter:

The 1970s era of disco, drugs and excess is coming back with “Studio,” a drama series project for Showtime centering on the iconic New York nightclub Studio 54.

Bryan Singer is in talks to direct the potential pilot if his schedule permits.

“Studio” centers on flamboyant co-founder Steve Rubell and starts off in the months leading to the club’s April 1977 opening.

Oh, good. The story of a popular nightclub full of shitheads that doesn’t exist anymore is an important one that needs to get told (again and again, ))<>(( forever). Don’t worry, soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, we’ve got it all under control here. You’re going to be so excited by all the treats waiting for you when you get back.