The Little House On The Prairie Musical Hopefully Involves A Nellie/Laura Mudfight

I don’t like musicals (I’ve really tried!) but I do love me some Little House On The Prairie re-runs. My favorite is when they use the same actor to play very different roles in the same season, or when people hit other people, which strangely occurs in every episode. Anyway, the only musical I’d be more likely to want to see than the new Little House On The Prairie musical that just opened in Minneapolis would be a version of the story told from villain Nellie Oleson’s point of view, a la Wicked. Because that’s the only post-Sound Of Music musical reference I know. Mudfight!:

In case anyone is interested, there are also (surprise) about fifteen million terrible YouTube tributes to Laura and Almanzo’s creepy-because-she-was-9-when-they-met Love.