Toby Keith Satisfies Stephen Colbert’s Curiosity About Drunk Horses

There’s no better sign than Toby Keith’s appearance last night on The Colbert Report to promote his new movie Beer For My Horses that the modern day western based on Keith’s hit song of the same name is the new poor man’s Snakes On A Plane. After capturing the internet’s imagination with a teaser trailer a few months ago, Keith’s movie, which co-stars Meet Joe Black and Mallrats’ Claire Forlani, is poised to give Pineapple Express stiff competition in the form of three or four stoned theater-hopping college students when it hits theaters two days later. Here’s Toby being a really good sport and explaining to Stephen that people do actually get their horses drunk:

If Beer For My Horses does well, look for the next movie based on a Toby Keith song, an evenhanded retelling of the battle of Baghdad called Shock ‘N ‘Yall.