The Top 10 Un-Pc Moments On Mad Men

This weekend, like a lot of people, I watched all of Mad Men on OnDemand. It’s a good show with a lot of potential, but not quite the second coming of The Sopranos it’s being made out to be (yet). But there’s nothing else on, and the media hype machine abhors a vacuum. One amusing running gag afforded by the show’s 1960s setting are the behaviors that would seem completely ridiculous now but were normal then, like smoking in hospitals. The show can’t use them for much longer, but they’re fun for now. Some lovely person has gone and made a “Top 10 Un-PC Moments On Mad Men” video on YouTube that surprisingly doesn’t include the scene where a very pregnant Francine drinks wine while smoking, but provides a nice overview:

I would have placed the dry cleaning bag scene at #1 because it’s probably the funniest scene on the show so far.