I See Your True Colors Shining Through

This video is titled “2 years of cwalk,” cwalk being Crip Walk, the Crips being a group of friends based in Los Angeles. But what this video should really be called is “Dancing Matt Should Be Ashamed.”

You know, most of my understanding of the Crips and Bloods comes from a childhood of anti-gang PSAs when all the whites were really worried about it, but I was doing some research on cwalk this morning, and, well, this:

Largely composed of nimble movements with the feet, the Crip Walk had a variety of purposes including recognition, showing love and loyalty to fellow Crip members, and making a loud statement to others that the walker is a member of the Crips. Another purpose of the walk was to insult rivals (most specifically the Bloods), in which they would spell out the name of their rivals and then cross it out. They would also spell out their names, neighborhoods, or other words related to themselves. Crip Walkers would also flash gang related hand gesture(stacking) while performing the dance.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely think that gangs are no joke and that MS-13 is scarier than Alexandre Aja’s Mirrors, but no one ever told me about the special dances that you use to show your friends that you love them and insult your rivals. It just makes the whole East Side/West Side thing seem like so much FUN.