Duh: Pixar Makes Good Movies

Speaking of trailers hitting the internet, here’s a teaser for Pixar’s Up, you guys:

The description for this, at least as it’s written on YouTube (the place where only the most professional descriptions are allowed) seems to be missing a couple of details.

The hero of the film is a 78-year-old man named Carl Fredricksen, who walks around hunched over with a tripod cane. When he was a kid he met a girl named Ellie, who grew up in small midwestern town. The two fell in love and eventually got married. Her dream was always to explore the world and visit paradise falls, but as usually happens, life got in the way. They were never able to make good on their promise, and Ellie eventually passed away. Now Carl is a widower living alone in his small home. Developers are threatening to move him into an old folks home.

Whoops, you left off THE BALLOONS and the FLYING HOUSE, but I guess this pretty much nails it. You know, Pixar probably doesn’t need to work so hard at making their movies look heartwarming and enjoyable. Once a year they should just put out a plain white poster with the word Pixar in the middle and a date at the bottom. I would see that movie.