Scoop! Nevermind, Steve Guttenberg Is “Thrilled” About His Crazy Interview

Boy, am I a moron. Last week, when I read that interview with Steve Guttenberg in the New York Observer in which he brags about his drinking, drug use, and ladybanging and calls himself “The Goot,” I wrote this long earnest thing called In Defense Of Steve Guttenberg about how sad it was that Steve was the “victim” of an “ambush” by a reporter with an agenda to embarrass him, and that that’s what happens when a has-been tries for a comeback without representation, blah blah blah. Turns out, MY SOURCES (of which I now have more than one!) tell me that Steve LOVED the article and was so thrilled that he called the reporter the next day to thank him, and that he’s been offered a bunch of REALITY SHOWS based on it (no doubt in the Danny Bonaduce vein, so to speak), and that he’s done A FOLLOW-UP INTERVIEW with the same reporter, Spencer Morgan, which will run in The Observer next week.

Best of luck to you, The Goot. Clearly you don’t need any defending.