Three Movies To See This Weekend That Aren’t The X Files Or Step Brothers

Finally, there’s something to see in theaters that doesn’t have a fast-food tie-in. This weekend brings an almost October-esque embarrassment of well-reviewed riches that will hopefully hack through the summer-programming weeds overgrowing our neural pathways. You know, the way reading a book does, but faster. Step Brothers is, sad to be the 400th to report it, a total wait-for-the-DVDer (Talladega Nights, it is not), and do you really want to pay an average of ten bucks to see Mulder and Scully kiss? Here are three trailers for movies opening today in order of must-see-ness, as arbitrarily decided by me. Let’s give our money to people who think we’re smart this weekend!

1. Man On Wire – “Enthralling” documentary about the guy who walked on a wire strung between the Twin Towers in 1974. 100% positive rating on RottenTomatoes!

2. American Teen – A documentary that follows four high school seniors through a year of their life in Indiana. Supposed to be very entertaining in an MTV’s True Life way:

3. Boy A – A fictional British film about a boy released from prison after committing a murder as a child:

And don’t forget season 2 of Mad Men premieres Sunday. We’re being relieved from the double pop-culture stranglehold of both action movies and terrible reality TV all in one weekend, and not a moment too soon.