This Fake Commercial Could Just Be A Real Commercial

This fake cable access commercial for a personal massager called the Fuzuoku is part of the promotion for Hamlet 2, the Waiting for Guffman style comedy about a failed actor leading a high school drama group in a musical sequel to Hamlet, coming out in August. I don’t know if the whole thing appears in the movie or just part of it. I don’t know anything. I’m so stupid.

OK, well two things:

1. Fake commercials like this are usually over-the-top and ridiculous, but I’ve seen funnier commercials in real life for things that you can actually own. If their goal was to make a mostly realistic ad for a product that seems benignly real, SUCCESS. The only jokes that I can figure out are that his acting is bad (LOL?), he says anus (sure), and the sex groan at the end is funny. But otherwise this seems pretty straight-forward, unless you ladies recognize the Fuzuoku as some kind of typical, run-of-the-mill clit massager (sorry, but that’s just medical terminology) or something, in which case I guess there are four tiny jokes?

2. I will never be able to look at Steve Coogan again without thinking of how he’s allegedly responsible for Owen Wilson’s heroin addiction. Not laughing now, are you? Steve Coogan, cut it out with all the heroin, you turkey.

Viral marketing, you guys, so hot right now. So hot. Gotta get your viral marketing.