My Best Friend’s Girl Red Band Trailer Has One Notably Funny Moment

There’s a new red band trailer for My Best Friend’s Girl, starring Kate Hudson, Jason Biggs, and Dane Cook as Tank, a guy whose job it is to act like an asshole (good casting) but who then becomes a romantic lead (never). I’m embedding this for three reasons:

1. Because when I saw Step Brothers and there was a line making fun of Dane Cook, the entire theater laughed and some people applauded.

2. Because can you believe how cliche every single joke in this trailer is? The movie is rated R, and I don’t think there are any 17-year-olds who haven’t already heard the “It’s not going to suck itself” line. (I mean, in the context of jokes!)

3. Because Alec Baldwin is in it, and he’s still god, as evidenced by his very funny line at the end:

I’m sorry about the first two minutes (That’s What He Said), but that Alec Baldwin line is awesome. Not actually-seeing-the-movie awesome, but awesome.