Why So Low T-Cell Count?

According to the email newsletter Pop Bitch, the late Heath Ledger kept a journal on set in which he listed things that he thought would make the Joker laugh, and the first entry was “AIDS.” If nothing else, Heath Ledger should win the Oscar for Edgiest Off-Screen AIDS Joke Kept In A Method Acting Notebook. Although, I guess that’s not really a joke, right? It’s just a FACT. The Joker thinks AIDS is hilarious.

Here was the rest of the list:

  • Dead Puppies
  • Dying Puppies
  • The Complete Works Of Samuel Beckett
  • SuperAIDS

You should hear the Joker’s tight five that he does on puppies dying FROM Super AIDS. It’s very mid-80s Seinfeld. Lots of observational material. Sometimes him and John Mayer will just drop in on a comedy club and do some bits, just riff. The Joker loves two things: anarchic mayhem, and riffing. And AIDS. So three things.