Alright, Tropic Thunder Can Keep Putting Out Fake Websites

After last week’s double hit of actually-pretty-good pretend websites for Simple Jack and Tugg Speedman, Tropic Thunder continues to roll out (Get it? “Roll” out?) more viral marketing stuff with a new “official website” for one of the movie’s characters. This time, it’s Robert Downey, Jr.’s character, the Oscar-chasing prestige film actor Kirk Lazarus, who appears as he “was” before applying blackface for his role in Tropic Thunder. The site reveals two of Lazarus’s previous controversial movies (Satan’s Alley, about a gay monk, and If You Could Hear What I See, about a deaf Nazi), and the bio is full of trivia about Kirk’s troubled childhood, like the fact that he was raised by his younger half-sister, which is really funny for some reason. I enjoyed exploring it (well, for the three minutes it takes) so whatever, marketing hype people, you can exist. The movie mock-up posters on the site are funny, but I can’t get over the expressions on RDJ’s face in the pictures:

Either RDJ is as good at looking pretentiously confused as Ben Stiller is at looking retarded, or that photographer is a genius. Probably a little of both.