Miley Cyrus And Mandy Jiroux Vs. The Adam Chu Dance Crew YouTube Dance Battle: A History

AHA. Now I know how Miley Cyrus plans to win her dance off with the Adam Chu Dance Crew.

The epic online dance battle between Miley Cyrus’ and Mandy Jiroux’s M&M Cru and ACDC, the dance crew featuring Jon M. Chu and Adam Sevani of “Step Up 2: The Streets” is about to declare a winner when the two crews face-off at TEEN CHOICE 2008 airing Monday, Aug. 4 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Host Miley Cyrus will also perform her new single “7 Things,” joining previously announced performer Mariah Carey, who will perform her latest single “I’ll Be Lovin’ You Long Time.”

Up until now, of course, she’s been getting destroyed Dresden style in every single round of the competition, but oh look, she’s hosting the awards show where the final battle is to take place. Of course. That’s the only way she could possibly win, by amassing her tween army who are prepared with pogo sticks and wiffle ball bats (you know, the things kids always have with them) to storm the stage and bludgeon anyone to death who dares vie for the pre-teen-queen’s throne.

In preparation for this sham-off, I have collected the full chronology of Miley and Mandy vs. ACDC YouTube Dance Off videos after the jump.

April 11th, Adam Chu, Adam Sevani, and the rest of the Crew throw down the first gauntlet, and what a gauntlet it is.


April 14th, Miley and Mandy enter their response.


April 28, Adam Chu and Crew promise to bring it in their response video.


April 30th, the ACDC crush it.


May 20th, Chris Brown Outtakes


May 22nd, Miley and Mandy promise to end the dance battle.


May 28, ACDC post another damaging collection of outtakes.


June 3rd, Miley and Mandy tease it out a little more. Got to get the helicopter painted.


June 10th, Miley and Mandy finally get their heads in the game.


June 23rd, ACDC talk smack about the upcoming live battle.


July 14th
, Adam Chu introduces the Crew’s newest member, Little Demon.


Admittedly, Miley and Mandy are clearly winning the popular vote based on their videos’ views. But if we live in a meritocracy (we do not live in a meritocracy), then all of the children will realize that their hero has been destroyed, and they will learn the important lesson that it’s never wise to unquestioningly look up to anyone, no matter how shiny their hair or poppy their music. No matter what, I’m sure that this fun, low impact publicity stunt is going to open a lot of sheeple’s eyes to the realities of self determination.