Today Show Crowd Mom Shares Her Questionable “Gum Trick”

Both the beauty and the horror of hosting a live show that just anyone can walk up and be on are the moments of unscripted banter between TV personalities and the people who have lined up for hours to be near them. For every heartfelt marriage proposal or adorable child, there’s an angry-looking dude in a hoodie with a stalkery sign, or the lady from The Today Show this morning, who shares with an increasingly uncomfortable Meredith and the gang her secret mom-hacking trick for dehydrating your kids before a long morning in line for a Miley Cyrus concert. You give them gum so they don’t realize they’re thirsty, then you don’t give them water and they don’t have to pee. Genius:

That lady can’t believe Meredith doesn’t remember when she announced her seventh pregnancy. I think she might be one of those people who think they’re on The Truman Show.