Operation Watch This: Get Your War On The Animated Series

The first time I saw David Rees reading from his comics was at John Hodgman’s “Little Gray Lecture Series,” in 2001. (Just to give you a sense of how cool I am. Don’t worry, I’m going to kill myself.) He hadn’t started “Get Your War On” yet, but he read from two other clip-art series, a ninja-based series called “My Fighting Technique Is Unstoppable,” and an office workers series called “My Filing Technique Is Unstoppable.” Oh, and he talked a lot about the Wu Tang Clan. It was great. Later, of course, he would use these same cartooning non-techniques to create his famous indictment of the Bush administration and the twin wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as writing some of the most interesting blogs the Huffington Post has ever seen (sorry Bill Maher). Now, the good friends over at have teamed up with Rees to turn Get Your War On into an animated series. I think this is going to be one for the recordblogs.

A preview of GYWO after the jump.

The white guy’s voice is done by Jon Glaser, and the black guy is Anthony Laurent. You guys, we should really get behind this. Rotoscoping is not used enough in our modern political discourse. I’m pretty sure lack of rotoscoping is what lost Gore the election in 2000.