Oops, These Vampire Lady Posters Are Exactly The Same

What we know: the one on the left came out first:

Left, the poster for Alan Ball’s HBO series TrueBlood, premiering September 7. Right, the poster for the Diablo Cody-written 2009 film billed as a dark teen vampire comedy, Jennifer’s Body. How embarrassing! First, your movie involves vampires, which is really hack, then the people you hired to design your poster had some unfortunate parallel thinking with the people who designed a vampire show poster that came out first. I’m talking about the movie studio, not Diablo Cody, who I officially support and like now after months of ambivalence and indecision. (Just so we’re all clear.) In the Jennifer’s Body folks’ defense, their poster features an artificially rounded jaw and chin reminiscent of a Pixar Incredible, while TrueBlood’s lady is edgier and sexier, indicating a darker vampire story to not watch because vampires suck. (Via Mark Lisanti and Danhacker.)