Siskel And Ebert Fight About McDonald’s And It’s Great

In light of this week’s news that Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper would both be leaving Ebert & Roeper, the classic movie review show that Ebert started 22 years ago with his friend Gene Siskel (R.I.P.), it’s hard not to be nostalgic. Siskel & Ebert trademarked the phrase “two thumbs up.” Literally. After I post this I have to go write them a royalty check for twelve thousand dollars. Ebert and Roeper will be replaced by Wait That Guy? and Who Cares, although the show really hasn’t been the same since it was co-hosted by Siskel. Here is a great clip of the two of them fighting between takes, mostly about the McDonald’s menu.

(via Hollywood-Elsewhere)

Would you like zings with that? Can I interest you in our SuperSnap menu? It’s nice to see two guys who clearly care a lot about each other just rip each other to shreds for genuine flaws that are probably at the core of most of their insecurities. Seriously, though, these guys were the best. You have big shoes to fill, Guy? & Cares. Big, fat, grammatically disastrous shoes filled with apple pie.