Stephen Colbert As A Serious Actor On Law And Order: Criminal Intent

Last night the USA Network re-ran a 2004 episode of Law And Order: Criminal Intent in which Stephen Colbert, who as we all know studied drama before getting into improv, had a major role as a document authenticator who’s too close to his mother. The whole thing has been unsearchably on YouTube for a few weeks in five parts (via NoFactZone and their commenters), but if you’re like me and you just want to see Stephen playing it totally straight, the last five minutes contains Stephen shouting, Stephen breaking, and Stephen forging the autographs of a bunch of famous people, so the actual plot doesn’t really matter. Oh, and Vincent D’Onofrio gets all up in Stephen’s face and does his weird little parakeet-with-a-mirror thing:

I think Stephen should have Vincent D’Onofrio on his show and re-enact part of this scene and just own it.