Being White Is Hard!: Part 2

If the trend of bourgeois angst filmmaking that began with movies like Ordinary People and the Big Chill have taught us anything over the past 30 years it’s that being a financially comfortable white person in America is hard! What Just Happened? trailer, you guys:

At some point, obviously, someone is going to make a movie not just about making a movie, but about making a movie about making movies. And at that point we’ll be able to take off our shoes, lie in bed, and wait for the water to cover the Earth, because entertainment will be over. We will have finished it. Until that happens, though, let’s all enjoy (NOT!) another navel-gazing piece of Hollywoodian masturbation about an internecine world of professional narcissists and paid sycophants whose disconnect with reality is so profound they think that what they do is interesting. What’s next, a movie about blogging? The only thing more unpleasant than watching sausage get made is watching the sausage complain about it to its couples therapist.