Ahhh, Reality TV School Is Scarier Than Clown College

I keep seeing articles about this Reality TV school in NYC and I keep ignoring it because I thought it was so stupid it would go away. That’s apparently not the reason things go away, because the New York Reality TV School continues to blow up, and now each class involves a press conference and there’s probably going to be a reality show about it. The Wall Street Journal visited the class, because there aren’t already enough things going on in the world for The Wall Street Journal to depress us about:

What’s surprising about this report is the fact that everyone seems normal, intelligent, and self-aware, even when they’re defending their desire to be on reality TV by saying: “People want to feel love even if it’s a false facsimile of it.” Thank god the creator of the seminar summed up his credentials with, basically, “I googled it, and it didn’t exist.” before I could decide whether to laugh or cry.