Khia And I Need To Talk About Boundaries

It’s been six years since “My Neck, My Back,” and more than 20 arrests, but Khia’s finally got a new video, you guys:

I can’t believe someone gave her a whole 12 dollars to make this. And that the Bluths let her film it in their model home. Man, this song is full of terrifying propositions. Here are a list of things that Khia has offered that I am going to have to decline:

  • Be my lady.
  • Be my old lady.
  • Have my baby.
  • Meet my mother.
  • Cook my dinner.
  • Be my lover.

Although it would be fine if she wants to:

  • Fold my clothes.
  • Help me get that money.
  • Be my friend.

Actually, let’s not force anything. We’ll just work on the laundry and the getting that money and hope that friendship comes out of it.