Blowing The Lid Off The Muppets YouTube Video Conspiracy

Well, in my first day as a private investigator, trying to get to the bottom of the Muppets YouTube videos featuring Statler and Waldorf, Gonzo, Sam the Eagle, and Beaker, I am happy to say that I’ve succeeded in solving the crime. An unnamed source CLOSE TO THE PROJECT informs me:

100% authentic. Muppets! Really simply, our company got the honor of working with them.

So, the reason those YouTube videos featuring Muppets were so convincing is because the Jim Henson Company made them. Move over, Occam, there’s a new razor in town. I’m still not sure why they’re making them, or why they’re posted under several fake names, but whatever. Let’s just say mystery solved. I’m going to be tailing people’s philandering spouses around with my long lens camera in no time. I’m so good at crimes!