Shyamalan To Put His Head Up Someone Else’s Ass For A Change

Look, it’s no secret that I feel about M. Night Shyamalan the way that vampires feel about stakes being driven through their hearts. DO NOT WANT. (That meme actually came from vampires in relationship to getting killed.) But I’m really hoping that this new project he’s working on in which he produces, rather than writes and directs, films is a success. From Variety (via Defamer):

Media Rights Capital and M. Night Shyamalan have formed the Night Chronicles, a financing/production partnership intended to generate one thriller per year for three years.

Shyamalan will produce but not direct, marking the first time he will produce a film he didn’t write and helm. Shyamalan will create the stories and ideas for the films and pick the writers and directors; MRC will finance.

Whoops, did I say success? I don’t hope that it’s successful. At first I thought maybe it would convince Shyamalan to content himself with the business side of things and stay away from writing and directing movies of his own, but if anything this project doing well will only reinforce his misguided belief that he’s an important auteur with stories to tell rather than an egotistical film student with no filter. I wish M. Night Shyamalan the human being nothing but the best in terms of health and happiness, but I hope his directing career gets cancer and has to be euthanized. Like a dog. Like a sick dog.