This Guy Just Fucking Loves McDonald’s, OK?

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Big Mac, because that’s a thing that needs celebrating, McDonald’s teamed up with MySpace to host a contest in which people who loved Big Macs can create a new Big Mac song to replace the old Big Mac song. The five finalists have been selected, and it’s all very exciting. Hamburgers, you guys. Nature’s sandwich.

But one of the finalists, Tamien Baing, has a particularly poignant backstory. Before entering the contest, he was arrested at the age of 14 for holding up a McDonald’s at gunpoint, and SPENT 12 YEARS IN PRISON. This guy just fucking loves McDonald’s SO MUCH.

You know, this is one of those “funny” offbeat news stories that everyone can laugh at and smirk their college smirks, but I wish I loved anything that much. And by that much, of course, I mean enough to point a gun in its face, spend 12 years in prison for that, and then write a song about it as soon as I got out.

Baing’s Big Mac song after the jump.

(thanks for the tip, Analucia)

So good. I hope you win, Baing. And I hope that the prize includes a lifetime of delicious Big Macs AND the complete expunging of your criminal record. I’m sure McDonald’s has the power and jurisdiction to do that kind of thing. You should probably get a good Prize Lawyer. Work it out.