Girl, I Want To Get Up In Your Laboratory Procedures And Efficacize All Night

Tired of manually pipetteing all your well plates? How many times has this happened to you? Well now, with epMotion, the revolutionary new pipette automation system from Eppendorf, you won’t have to. Also, you’ll get laid?

(via BoingBoing)

Buy one here? This is like “Dick in a Box” except you cut a hole in the box and put your annual report inside and then give the box to all your shareholders and then they open the box and decide how they want to vote on the Q2 board changes. There we go, I used up all the words I know that have to do with business. Anyway, it’s official, irony has officially entered the business world. There have been a couple of deeply funny videos made by businesses that were so un-self-aware as to seem ironic, like the MDA Upper Management Rap, but this one is just going for it. We also cannot forget the Bank of America/MBNA “One” video, which clearly wasn’t supposed to be ironic judging by the depth of the pleats on those slacks, but has a huge ROI. ROIFL. I am the CEO of Joke Corp.