Keira Knightly Strains Period Piece Patience With The Duchess

There are only two truly great pre-1900 period films: Gone With The Wind and Dangerous Liasons. The rest are either cute (Emma, The Prides And Prejudices) annoying (Marie Antoinette) or walk-out-of-the-theater dull (like, everything else). In the trailer for Keira Knightly’s upcoming The Duchess, Knightly plays an innocent young girl with pretty dresses who marries into royalty and gets caught up in its politics, and must be headstrong and ahead of her time and rebellious to get the love she deserves or whatever. I avoid period films like the plague (get it, the plague?) and I’ve still seen this movie at least fifteen times:

Keira Knightly, this is your last movie like this for the next ten years. You’re very good at it, with your quivery mouth and upper class accent, but it’s time to take some risks. Call up Tarantino or something.