Wendy Williams Is No Match For Omarosa

This morning on The Wendy Williams Show, Omarosa Blahblah-Blarghblargh came on to promote her new book Maybe Someone Will Accidentally Buy An Advice Book By Omarosa?, and the question of who would win in a fight, Wendy Williams or Omarosa, was answered before Wendy Williams was famous enough for it to be asked. Wendy used her home-studio-audience advantage, but being a person with feelings, she was no match for Omarosa’s low blows. Watch as these two turn a conversation about women’s empowerment in the workplace into a childish fight about who has had more plastic surgery:

While it does seem like Omarosa “won”, it’s important to keep in mind that if there’s one thing we know about Wendy Williams, and there probably is only one thing, it’s that she is very open about the fact that she wears wigs.